Recent Developments of online Education

Recent Developments of online Education


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1- Recent Developments of online Education.

2- ISBN 978-9933-532-76-5

3- Author: Mohamed Ziad Hamdan

4- Publisher: Modern Education House – Damascus (2017)

5- Language: Arabic

6- Pages: 203 pp.

7- Price: 9 $

Twenty years ago, higher and school education had entered eventually the Information Age. Started with the Information Super Highway, followed by several developments in educational information and communication technologies. Synchronous and asynchronous interactions, videoconferencing, blended and neo-blended education, online learning and teaching, e-schools, cyberspace, cloud computing, wireless schooling, and transnational collaborative education are among others.

This book holds six articles that present an overall picture of education and how is changing in nature, tools, and processes as a result of several major digital developments. The titles of the articles follow:

1- The Rise and Fall of Conventional Schooling in Light of the Information Age.

2- Inter-independence Collaborative Model for Sustainable Transnational Higher Education in the Information Age. 3- A Paradigm of Transnational Collaborative neo-Blended Learning.

3- Blended Achievement in Transnational Schools as Collaborative Learning Communities -Toward a Systemic Assessment Framework.

4- The Countenance of Info- Communication Technologies-Re-Inventing the Quality of Future Schooling

5- e- Education in Syria up to 2011- Developments, Practices,and Promising Future.